Digipops is a web-based documentary film festival and filmmaker community platform. Digipops’ motto is- created by the people, voted by the people. The founder of the Digipops had the idea of creating an online documentary award and needed to have a website that will attract filmmakers and avid viewers.
Working closely with developers and consultants, I designed the website based on a responsive fluid grid that mimicked a video editing interface where the viewer can see multiple clips all on one screen. When clicking on a thumbnail, the viewer can view the video and its detail information such as synopsis and crew. When a video reaches a certain level of approval in private viewing, the video become public and available for all registered user to vote for.
The website allows the viewer to watch and vote on the user-submitted documentary, as well as networking with other filmmaker and crew.​​​​​​​
Work was done by contract with Digipops
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