Radio Peer is founded by two doctors specializing in radiology. The idea behind this website is to provide a platform for the radiologist to capture, share, and discuss medical images amongst colleagues in a quick and simple way.
We designed the website that uses Doximity API to verify medical personnel of their credential, therefore simplified the account set-up process without compromising security concerns. The website allows users to record and catalog radiology cases as well as find medical cases recorded by their peer. The user can easily search for methodologies and body parts. After sharing radiology cases, users can comment on it and exchange medical insights.​​​​​​​
The most challenging task in this project was to organize the ways medical imageries are categorized. We designed a three-step case creation process that starts with ‘modality’ and ends with ‘body part’. But the search filter works the other way around; starting with ‘topic’ and ending with ‘modality’ if the user chooses to. This two-way search is what makes the website straightforward to use. This platform provides a place for radiologists to collectively study and exam medical cases for present and future reference.
Work was done at Tiger Party as Lead Designer
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