The World Bank Group is an institution that provides funding to countries that are in need of post-war reconstruction and poverty alleviation. The World Bank Group looked for a system to effectively facilitate various development projects.
We developed Argo- an MIS (management information system) designed to manage and track the progress of issues. For each country, the goal is similar in the sense that they all need to have a certain degree of transparency and provide two-way communication between the government and citizen while tracking projects and sub-projects with reports and records. But on the other hand, each countries’ requirement varies regarding procedure and the nature of data. The challenge was to design an easy-to-grasp user experience and interface with a comprehensive function that allows both the public and the government official to benefit from the platform.
The backbone of Argo is designed to be versatile for customization depending on the requirement of different countries. Currently, the system is being used for Solomon Island Rural Development Program, Papua New Guinea Local Governance Project, Ghana School Mapping, Liberia Infrastructure Implementation Unit, and Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India.
Work was done at Tiger Party as the Lead Designer.

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