As one of the largest bank in the U.S., Bank of America is always aiming to better connect with their customer and provide the most updated and relevant information. Banking customer today not only interact with their bank out of necessity but also assess how the bank helps improve and integrate financial matters with other aspects of everyday life.
Retail branch digital content spots- we worked on numerous digital display advertising spots for the retail branches across the country. All spots involved auto-updating dynamic content with CSS animation. Critical considerations for these spots included responsiveness to various display screen sizes, the physical location of the branches which determined what data should be displayed, optimization for performance, and fail-safe plan with the notification system. Most of these spots involved fetching content from social media feeds; therefore the design execution had to accommodate unknown content and foresee any possible issues.
Message platform for Bank of America digital billboard in Times Square- we designed a browser-based platform to manage and control the messages to be displayed on the digital billboard in Times Square. The requirements were to enable the administrative user to customize messages with a set of templates and animation presets, create a playlist, and to schedule broadcasting time. The resulted website was designed based on a fluid grid and allows users to create message display in simple steps.
Times Square courtesy wifi service landing screen- The landing screen project involved a two-step confirmation screen that is responsive to all devices and screen sizes, yet complied with the strict brand guideline.
The dynamic content spots in the retail branches provided walk-in customers finance-related information such as current mortgage rate and nearby traffic info. It also invites customers to interact with the bank such as submitting Instagram photos and tweets. Besides, It acknowledges customers on the non-financial related social event that the bank supports such as the Chicago Marathon and (RED) Donation.
Work was done at Tiger Party as the Lead Designer.

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