MTV Music Experiment is a summer concert program in which buzz bands perform secret shows in nontraditional venues. Each concert was presented by different artist group in different cities. The featured artist groups and locations were only revealed in a short period of time before each event. Fans would have to follow and interact with MTV on social media to find out the details of the upcoming concert. To make the event more unique, MTV co-operated with Intel and wanted to create a customizable Windows-based Photo Booth app that both enhances the event experience and demonstrate Intel’s touchscreen capabilities.
With a tight production schedule, we created the Photo Booth app that ran on Ultrabook laptops and tablets at the MTV Music Experiment 2.0 events. The app allowed the audience to take selfies, apply filter effects, and decorate it with exclusive image stickers that were tailored to each concert. The photos can then be printed on-site in addition to sharing them via Twitter, Facebook, and Email. Because each music event features different band, we created a way for MTV to update the app with new stickers via FTP.
Because this is an event-specific app, which means the target user would have no prior experience of using the app, and therefore the app itself would need to be intuitive and extremely easy to use as well as very forgiving of any human error. We created the app with a simple two-step process, all on one page. Users begin creating the layout whether they choose to apply filter or stickers first. The app itself was proposed in response to audience research. The target demographic of adults aged 18-35 was successfully reached. The user engagement surpassed Intel’s original goal by 165%.
Users were motivated to experiment with the Intel Ultrabook’s capabilities and high level of user-friendliness. It successfully featured touchscreen capabilities with an instinctual user interface.

Work was done at Tiger Party as the Lead Designer.

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